Our Mission;

Qualified, safe, robust, we follow the technology and increase our quality with each passing day we aim to spread a wider area with projects.

Leading Company

Our company is active in the manufacturing sector, national and international competitive environment and globalizing world, as an innovative and environmentally friendly organization. Our basic environmental policy is to use rational use of natural resources, to follow environmental pollutants and environmental wastes continuously, to work with the philosophy of continuous improvement within the legal laws and regulations, to document all our activities and to share with our society.

Based on the philosophy of personel All our employees deserve to work in a healthy and safe environment ik, we aimed to minimize risks by conducting risk analysis studies throughout the enterprise in order to provide a healthier and safer work environment to all of our employees and to ensure that all employees are aware of individual responsibilities.


Belongs to AGOMET which this The Catalogue is prepared based on the industry’s needs and demands. In All units of the company, the improving to the quality, the development
of quality and AGOMET collects data and observes about information of Performance of Quality management system, customer satisfaction, customer demands and needs all units within Company being liable to endeavor for that To Support the Quality Policy, To Achieve Quality Objectives, and To Ensure the continuity of the Quality System as AGOMET, have determined our quality policy and supporting them to achieve their quality objectives, established Quality Management System’s operation, continuity and improvement as To the according all standards and to the company structure we will provide and to allocate the necessary resources for all them what we give an undertaking…
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